Cell Phone Reviews

Make the right choice before you purchase your next cellphone. You can save time and money just by browsing through these pages, and even read some reviews written by real users.

Not all cellphones will work in your country or maybe in the area where you are living. That's why it is important to check into a service plan first. Some cell phones have different types of receivers, so you don't want to buy a phone that only works in Canada, for instance. Save your money and do a little research first.

Buying your first cell phone?
Before you sign up with a plan, which most of them will have you sign a two year agreement, you should think a few steps ahead of time. You want to find a flexible plan that fits your lifestyle and future needs. For instance, your kids may be too young now for a cell phone, but it won't be long till they ask for one. Make sure the service you get has a Family Plan. For an extra twenty dollars a month you can get another cell phone added.

Find out which service your boss, your family, your coworkers, and your friends use or whomever you will be talking to the most. Make a list of what service they use. Find out the basic cell phone service rates. Many service providers in the U.S. offer free airtime on the same network. This means that if your friend uses the same service as you, it won't cost anything to talk to them.

Latest Reviews

Samsung Galaxy S III
I just bought this bad boy last week, wow I didn't think there could be a faster or better android phone than this one! Simply amazing how fast and responsive...
Reviewed by: Mike N on 02-17-2013 | Rating: 5 stars

HTC Rezound
I am very pleased with my Rezound.
Everything is great about it, its very fast, 720p display is very sharp and bright, camera is awesome!

The only thing I did not like...
Reviewed by: Marc on 02-14-2013 | Rating: 5 stars

Samsung Galaxy S II
Mostly happy with all features and functions I use a bunch of apps mostly NAV stock tickers, etc.
Texting is easy and 4 inch screen is great to have better then...
Reviewed by: Andy on 09-29-2011 | Rating: 4 stars

Galaxy S III or Iphone 5?

Samsung Galaxy S III Many people are probably wondering:
Should I get Galaxy S3 or the iPhone 5. You deside...
S3 Pros:
Big screen
Very fast processor
Comfortable fit in hand
Live wallpapers!
Not as many cases (yet)
Screen hard to see on a sunny day
Camera could be better
Could be hard to use one handed

I phone 5:
Super bright screen
User friendly
Tons of great apps
Beautiful design
A bit small
limited customization options
Interface is a bit boring