Cell Phone Articles

Here are some cell phone articles we wrote from our own personal experience with cell phones.

Using your Cell Phone as a Modem - If you travel then this is one option you might want to look into.

Sprint PC-5740 - We had Sprint hook us up with this wireless card, but it did not work out for us.

Cellphones are Everywhere! - This is a fun page of pictures I took of people using cellphones.

Camera Phone Tutorial - Take better pictures with your camera phone by reading this easy tutorial.

Cell Phones and Driving - Article for people talking on cell phones while driving. Some of the pros and cons of talking on your cell phone while cruising, cell phones in cars, does driving with a cell phone cause accidents? Age cell phone use and driving. Is having a cell phone while driving good?

Teenagers and Cell Phones - At what age should you get your teenager a cell phone? How many teens have cell phones? Oh No! Cell phones for teenagers??? What are the benefits of teens having cell phones? Here's our stories with some tips and ideas.

I Lost My Cell Phone! - Words a parent doesn't like to hear. That's why we get them a cheaper cell phone, right? Tips on how to find your lost phone. Find your lost cellphone! Can a lost cell phone be activated?

Sorry, Wrong Number - Are people misdialing? And what's up with those "missed calls" logs? What are restricted cell phone numbers? Why are these people calling me? Do they have cell phone phone books yet?

Hooked on Cell Phones - Are we cell phone addicts? How do you get along without one? Pros and cons of having a cell phone.

Chirp Phones, what are they? - What's a Chirp Phone I asked? and our daughter explains to us how they work. I gotta have one she says so I can chirp all my friends.