Camera Phone Tutorial

Follow these simple steps and you can learn how to improve your photography with your new cell phone. It's really not that hard, and not much different from a regular camera. We made this tutorial simple and easy to understand.

Keep the lens clean
It's important that you keep your camera lens clean. Try to avoid scratching your lens at all cost. Clean it regularly. All the dust particles and fingerprints can drastically reduce your picture quality.

Steady your camera
For sharper images try to keep your camera steady . The most common problem that occurs when taking a picture is called camera shake. To avoid it, try to take the pictures outdoors with plenty of available light.

For indoor photos try to brace yourself up against a wall, or lay the camera on a table while taking the picture. It makes a huge difference.

Try it for yourself, take a picture holding the camera phone in your hand. Then set your phone on a table and take the same picture. You'll really be surprised. The point is, your hand has to be steady to take a sharp picture. Professionals use tripods.

Fun camera photosLight is important
Lighting is one of the most important elements. Without light you can't take pictures. Some cameras are now coming out with a flash, but still your subject should be no more than 5 or 6 ft away.

When taking pictures outdoors, try to avoid direct sunlight. Instead, try to find a shady spot like under a tree or behind a building.

Be creative
Most people just hold the camera next to their eye and snap a picture. Take a good look at your subject before you click the shutter button. Try not to have a lot of clutter in the background.

When taking pictures of people outside, you might try lowering your body closer to the ground, and pointing the camera upwards. It will eliminate trees and buildings, and you will have beautiful blue skies instead.

Another way is to shoot downwards from above. Try stretching your hands above your head or get up on a park bench. This will give you a different perspective of your subject plus a nicer background.