Chirp Cellphone

Prepaid Phones with a Chirp
Well, our daughter ran up her minutes on her cellphone and couldn't pay the bill and got suspended. Then, when we were in Walmart she was showing me these Prepaid cellphones that had a Chirp, and she's just "got to have it."

I tell her that Prepaid phones are not worth it, the minutes cost too much, you're better off having a long distance calling card. But she says, I need the Chirp. If I have a Chirp, I can Chirp all my friends for free! Well, the Prepaid Chirp phone runs about a hundred bucks.

Chirp all your Friends for Free
The next week she calls and says her coworker has a Prepaid phone with a Chirp that he'll sell her, and she wants to borrow fifteen dollars. So we give her the money to get her Chirp Phone. I asked her, how many of your friends have a Chirp phone, and she said, pretty much all of them.

How Does a Chirp Phone Work?
Apparently the Chirp phones have a Chirp number, so if you have your friend's Chirp number you can call them. She came over yesterday and showed us her Chirp phone, (which it's kind of cute) and I asked her to show us how it works. So she calls a number and her friend answers. They are talking to each other like it's a walkie talkie or like they are on a speaker phone.

To me the Chirp phone seems like a pretty good deal, it you've got one, and all your friends have one. You really can't beat calling someone for free, and that includes long distance. My hubby and I both have walkie talkies, but to be able to communicate they have to be turned on, and you have other people breaking in on the channel. But with Chirp phones each person has their own number.

Time will tell whether or not this is workable for her or not. Her boyfriend doesn't have a chirpphone, so she can't chirp him, can she? So you pretty much have to 1. Have a chirp phone, and 2. Have the Chirp numbers of all your friends.