Using your Cell Phone as a Modem

If you're doing a lot of traveling, using your cell phone as a modem is certainly an option you have available to you, and on this page we'll try to discuss this in detail.

Recently we have been doing a lot of traveling, and trying to find hotels that offer an Internet Connection is a pain. WIFI hotspots are hard to come by too, along with Internet Cafe's. Besides, our thing is campground camping, and we felt very disconnected from the world the last time we went traveling.

When we book a room in a motel, we look for the best deal, which most often they do not have a WIFI or even a phone line that we could use.


So who would benefit from having Internet access wherever you go from a cell phone signal? A traveling business person, RV'er, boater, journalist, photographer, etc.

Things you will need:

1. Cell Phone
2. USB data cable
3. laptop
4. cell phone plan that allows data transfers

After researching this subject, the bottom line is, you must have a cell phone plan that allows you to use your cell phone as a modem. It has been done for awhile but it's getting bigger now days.

Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless recently introduced Unlimited Internet Access for 69.00 a month, with speeds between dialup and DSL depending on their network coverage. This is the best deal available at this point in time. Not every cell phone can be used as a modem, so you may want to research and make sure that it will be compatible with this option.

Verizon also offer those cards you can insert in your laptop to eliminate connecting your cellphone all the time. This way you don't miss any calls.

Apparently you'll receive 2 separate bills from verizon, one for air time and one for data.

Sprint PCS Services

If you are a Sprint customer, they have a similar plan but on top of the monthly fee, they charge you two cents per kilobyte of data. This might be okay for occasional browsing, but not for dedicated road warriors.

We're with Sprint and out of luck, because we just upgraded our phones and they slapped another 2 year contract on us, with $200.00 disconnect fees for each line. However I'm really liking what Verizon is offering and tempted to make the switch. Of course $69.00 is not cheap but it might be worth it considering it will take care of your home Internet Connection as well.

It amazes me that with all the technology today they have not come up with a better solution for using your cellphone as a modem.