People Using Cellphones

People Use Cellphones Everywhere! Every place we go we see people using cellphones. We recently "gave up" our cellphone. What happened was that we moved to an area in a state where Sprint did not have a connection, and yes, they dropped the 2 year agreement too, which is the only way you can get out of an agreement, is move somewhere where there isn't a connection.

But honestly, we didn't want to give up Sprint. We had a great plan, and was pretty much satisfied with their service, (except I hated waiting for Customer Service to answer)

Cellphones at the Beach

Anyway, recently, we went to a beach, and for some reason I started taking pictures of people using their cellphone. Check this picture out. Two friends getting some sun on their beach towels, and both of them talking on their cellphone! Do you think they were talking to each other? Probably not. Anyway, I found this interesting.

Beach Cellphones

Cellphones at Work

Where else do people pass "boring" time on a cellphone, calling their friends and buddies? How about a parking lot? Here's a picture of the attendant on cellphone.

Cellphones at work

Cellphones and Camping

Here's another picture of something to do while your camping. Yep, call your friends! That is, if you are not camping somewhere out in the sticks.

Cellphones and Camping

Honestly, I just can't believe how times have changed from just a few years ago. In fact, I can remember when people would walk down the street with their hand cupped to their ear, pretending they have a cellphone! Haha.

Look at this picture of a crowded street I took in New York, and see if you can guess how many people are using their cellphone. New York cellphones