Hooked on Cell Phones!

This country is becoming a wireless wonder! Why are cell phones so popular? Technology has advanced so far that even cell phones are becoming more and more affordable. It is the latest trend especially among teens. What? You don't have a cell phone yet? I find it amazing when I run into people that don't have a cell phone. I don't know how they can get along without one. Don't they realize how convenient they are? Don't they know what they are missing?

We've actually wanted one since they first started coming out, but they weren't affordable back then. It wasn't until our teenagers opened our eyes and explained to us how much easier their life would be, that we began pursuing a course to purchase one. Now we're at a point where we can't get along without one.

They come in pretty handy especially under strange circumstances. For instance, I was taking my son's friend home one night, and got lost while trying to drive back home. So I got on my cell phone and called my husband to pull up a map on the Internet to tell me how to get back home. It was late at night, I was in the country, and didn't feel like knocking on some stranger's door to get directions. This is one instance where I was glad I had my cell phone with me.

Forgetting the cell phone

Most of the time I forget it though, and when I do, I'm usually sorry because something always happens that I need it. Am I hooked on using a cell phone? Or is it the convenience I'm hooked on? For example, my hubby sends me to Walmart to get a part for the car, and I can't find the part, and I forgot to take the cell phone, so I go back home without the part and kicking myself because I didn't take the cell phone to call him, which means eventually I'll have to go back to Walmart again, but you can bet I'll be taking the cell phone with me.

The other day I took my son to Walmart and he took off down an isle and I couldn't find him after I was finished shopping. So I thought I would just call him and tell him I'm ready to go, which was actually a great idea, right? Well, I called his number and I got his Voicemail... his phone was turned off. So, I had to wait, and wait, until he finally showed up at the front of the store.

I've actually found myself using it at Blockbusters too, when trying to pick out some videos, and even grocery shopping it can come in handy. In fact, when I was working in a grocery store it was amazing how many people I saw walking around talking on their cell phones, even while standing in line at the registers. At first people's reactions to seeing others on their cell phone was that they thought they were being rude in some way. But now I find myself doing this more and more.

It's understandable that teenagers would be on there cell phones all the time because they love to talk. But more recently I've seen adults doing it too, even at the doctors office. I, myself, am not a big phone talker, but just calling my husband on the phone makes me feel better.

How Inconvenient

Ever been in the middle of a conversation and the cell phone battery runs out? This happened to me just last night. My son calls me from a carnival and says he's ready for me to pick him up. When I get there, I call him on my cell phone and he says, "Can you wait ten minutes till I go on this ride." I was like, "Okay, fine." So I thought I would call my spouse just to pass this ten minutes waiting. I get on the phone and push the button for CALL, and I start to hear a strange, yet familiar beeping, and boom it dies. So, what did I do? I spent the next ten minutes tearing the car apart looking for the car charger, which, I didn't find, but in the process cleaned up the cups and napkins accumulating in the backseat. Before I knew it, my son was getting into the car.

In Conclusion

I would say that cell phones are pretty convenient to have. I don't think that I am hooked on it... yet. But they can come in real handy under special circumstances. Not that I sit around and think of ways to use my cell phone, but when a phone call you need to make to someplace just on the other side of the river is long distance, they are real nice to have. I guess the long distance feature is the best option about them. We could be in any state in the United States and make a call. I like that.