I Lost My Cell Phone!

I lost my cellphone! These are words every parent hates to hear. The cell phone we got our son for Christmas was stolen at his weightlifting practice. It was under his ball cap on a bench. So, when he tells me this news, my first instinct was to call our cell phone service provider and report it missing. I asked him if he thought someone was playing a joke on him, which he replied, "No."

I used my cell phone to call our service provider, and after going through the menu, opted for a representative. I told the representative what happened, and she said she would "suspend" the number. I asked her, "What if by some miracle it turns up?" She replied that there would be no fee for reactivating it, in which, was a great relief.

All day long I was tossing around in my head whether to get him another cell phone. When I drove to the store I thought, "Why didn't I at least call the number to see if anyone answered?" Duh.

Later that day, my son returns from his friend's house, and tells me his cell phone was found. His coach found it behind the bench with his ballcap. Apparently it had fallen. The coach drove to the house and returned it to him. What luck! Now, the problem was, that I already had the number suspended. (I didn't want any one running up our minutes or calling overseas, you know.) I called the cellphone service provider back and informed them the cellphone was found, and they turned it back on, no problem, but when she said, "Okay I turned it back on." I thought it was turned back on, like, immediately, but it wasn't. It wasn't working until the next morning. But as far as I know, there wasn't any activation fee, so that's good.

Lost Cell Phone #2

My daughter's boyfriend was a stocker at a grocery store last winter. He remembers having his cell phone in the car, but when he got to work, he couldn't find it. They looked in the car and it wasn't there. He figures he had it in his lap, and when he got out of the car it fell by the curb. Well, it was a nice expensive Sprint Vision phone, and they tried calling the number with no success until they figured the battery ran out. Then they called the cell phone provider and had it shut off. They got another cell phone the next day and when they activated it, the cell phone company actually offered to transfer all his phone numbers from his lost phone to his new cell phone. That's was pretty convenient.

Lost Cell Phone #3

My daughter just called, and said her boyfriend has lost his second cell phone in less than three months. He was out with a friend driving down a highway and snacking on peanuts, and putting the shells in his ball cap on his lap. He rolls down the window to toss the shells out of his hat, and then, he remembered he laid his cell phone inside his hat. They tried calling the cell phone and it was ringing, and she told him to go back and find it. But he said, "No way, I won't find it on the highway." Then the next time they called it, the voice mail picked up, so they figure it already got run over by a car.

Almost Lost a Cell Phone

My hubby comes home from work and says, "You won't believe it!" "We were driving down the highway this morning and a Volva comes up alongside us. When we look at the car, we see his cell phone laying in the raindrip on the roof of his car." The guy's in a business suit, and we yell at him, "Your cell phone's on the roof!" And we're pointing at it, (while still doing 55 mph). He finally catches on and slows down toward the next exit and stops, backing up the traffic behind him as he quickly jumps out to grab his cell phone. He was rather embarrassed.

More Lost Cell Phones

I myself have worked in a Customer Service position in a grocery store, and everything that was found was generally turned in to the Lost and Found. I can honestly say, that a cell phone was turned in to customer service at least once a week. Most times people came in and asked if one had been turned in, and most of the time, it hadn't. In the Spring after the snow melted in the parking lot, at least six cell phones would be turned in, all ruined of course.

So what do you do if you lose your cell phone? How do you track down a missing cell phone? What if you lost your cell phone and it s on vibrate! Can a lost cell phone be activated?
1. Try calling the cell phone. (Hopefully you don't have vibrate turned on) and if it's in the corner of the couch, you'll hear it.
2. Try to remember where you had it last, and go looking for it.
3. Then if you can't find it, report the lost cell phone to your service provider. (Sometimes you can take out insurance with your service provider if you have purchased an expensive cell phone, and they will give you another one, but we had a cell phone that died, that wasn't being made anymore, and they refused to replace it..)
4. Buy another one on Ebay. But it will be a couple days before you get it. Or go to your cell phone store and purchase another. They may not charge you an activation fee for another phone if you are just transferring the number, or else it will be $35.00 please.

Finding a Cell Phone

But here's a different angle. What do you do if you find a cell phone? You may just wait to see if it rings eventually, or if you are familiar with that type cell phone, try to call someone in the cell's phone book. I find it interesting that there is no way you can find out the owner of the phone, because there is no place to put that information, such as on the display screen. I put a sticker on the back of our phone, with our name, address and home phone number. That should help. If you don't have stickers or return address labels, at least put a piece of tape with this information on it.


We're beginning to think that cell phone companies really don't care if you lose your cell phone because they know you'll have to buy another one (with the hopes you'll upgrade to a more expensive one.) Otherwise, they would have already invented something to keep people from losing their cell phones, or at least be able to locate them easier.

Another thought I had about this lost cell phone incident was, what if your teenager loses his cell phone on purpose just so you'll get him another one? Nah, they wouldn't do that!