Sprint PC-5740
wireless connection card

Since we use our cellphone on the road, and we use our laptop, a Dell Inspiron 1000, on the road, we were looking for a way to get a wireless connection to the Internet. We got the "use your cellphone as a modem" plan from Sprint for $39.95 a month for unlimited use.

This worked out fine for us, and the connection was a little faster than a dial-up connection, but at least we were able to get online.

We did some traveling through the New England States, and found that we could only get a Sprint connection when we were near a large city or along an Interstate. New Hampshire, and Maine were the worst, and we didn't even bother trying it in Vermont.

We were doing some research on wireless connections on the Internet, and came across a Sprint connection that we didn't know about. The connection is suppose to give you the Internet when you are near a Sprint tower, but you don't have to use your phone as a modem.

We went to the Sprint store and asked them about it. They said, "Sure!" and gave us a PC-5740 for free, and hooked us up.


Here's what happened. We went home and tried to get on the Internet and the connection was slower than our "use your phone as a modem." Another thing that we didn't realize was that the PC-5740 is like the "bottom of the barrel" or the generic wireless card. (No wonder it was free)

But what we were looking for was a wireless network connection too. We wanted to be able to get on the laptop Internet using our main computer. Our friends had one from Singular. What we needed was a card that had an antenna, and Sprint said they ran about 350 bucks.

PC-5740 manualNeedless to say, we took the PC-5740 back to Sprint the next day, and they returned our account back to the "use the phone as a modem" plan, which is much better, though not perfect.

The front of this Sprint PC-5740 Manual says:

-Wireless Data Access
-Send and Receive Email
-Access Your Company Network
-Access the Internet
-Wireless High Speed Data Capable