Sorry... Wrong Number?

When we first got our cell phones, the only people that called us were people we knew. Special people that we gave our cell phone number to.

I always took delight in the fact that I wasn't receiving any telemarketer's calls on my cell phone. The cell phone became my source for "important" phone calls. It has even gotten to the point that I don't enjoy answering the "home" phone anymore, and I dread hearing it ring.

Here lately, I'm starting to get more and more wrong number calls on my cell phone. At first I thought maybe we were given a number that someone else had previously, or they were calling for my daughter, (because I had let her use my cell phone for awhile.) But, I'm thinking now, that these people are actually misdialing. But who misdials a number three times in a row?

The problem is that when these people call and I answer, it's more "minutes" that are being used up. Having the Caller ID helps, but most of the time I don't look at the Caller ID, because there's not that many people that have my cell number.(As far as we know there isn't a Cell Phone Directory on the market yet, or is there? I read they're working on a 411 directory)

The most annoying thing is, driving and having the cell phone ring, trying to find it in my purse, and trying to answer it before it stops ringing, and it's a "Sorry, wrong number." Of course I'm not expecting any calls, but with a daughter that is eight months pregnant, I feel I need to answer my calls. And if I'm driving, I'm not going to take the time to look at the Caller ID.

Another interesting problem that appears to be rising is people calling us and saying, "Who is this?"

Here's an example:
"Who is this?"
"I asked you first."
"Who are you trying to call?"
"This number is on my cell phone's missed calls log."
"Well, who is this?"

In the meantime you find yourself looking at the Caller ID to see if the number looks familiar, and it doesn't.

So, you just say, "I didn't call you."

I have no idea who these people are. But how many minutes were used trying to figure this call out?

So what do you do? I've heard you can get a new number easily by calling your service provider and telling them what's going on, but then you have to notify your friends of your number change, and what good would that do anyway.

What else can you do? Not much, just bare with it and hope it doesn't get any worse. At least we're not getting calls from telemarketers yet, right?